Why volt1

The most important thing for us is that our products / solutions meet the goals and expectations of our customers and their customers.


We not only create applications or websites, but we strive to achieve their business goals. Our activities are focused on success. Depending on the order / project, we select the appropriate implementation methods appropriate to a given project. This applies to both technological solutions and methods of project management and communication, and also if the project concerns the method of launching applications on the market.


What we often pay attention to in the application production process is:


We start with a design / prototype - we describe in detail what is to be implemented and on this basis we quickly implement the first working prototype of the application - thanks to this, our clients very quickly see the progress of work and its compliance with the assumptions.


Our experience in programming and manufacturing technologies guarantees the selection of appropriate tools and technologies that shorten the implementation time and costs of creating applications as well as their maintenance over time.


We have ready-made components that accelerate the production process and mix costs.


Our team consists of proven professionals with extensive experience who actively support clients at every stage of order fulfillment. The client receives the necessary support and knowledge from us in order to jointly work out the final solution.


The development of technology and tools that we use is an important domain of our team. Working with us means selecting the best proven and modern solutions.

Development projects / laboratories

Regardless of projects carried out for our clients from various industries, in the partnership / investment model or as part of our own projects, we work on innovative websites / applications. These projects allow us to develop and transfer the experience gained in it (technological, marketing, sales) to projects implemented with our clients.


They constitute an interesting laboratory for us and at the same time have a market potential.We invite anyone willing to join our team to develop these projects and gain experience.